Still here, still on the path…

The whole journey towards installing a permanent labyrinth in a public space has been rather labyrinthine, if you’ll pardon the pun… twists and turns…nearly at the centre and then flung out to the outermost reaches… doubling back, seeming never to progress, but slowly, step by step, having to keep faith that you will get there in the end.

We are up to getting the soil tested, and really engaging the community at large. I’m noticing all my excuses and things that hold me back, and it’s such an opportunity for growth and awareness… at present, it’s been money, and needing to discern that it’s in the right place.

It will be beautiful in this spot in Civic ParkCivic Park Labyrinth, Armidale

I’m still keeping faith with full moon walks – so beautiful at dusk with wild golden moon beaming down… the next one is 15 April, just before Easter.
We’ll also walk for peace on ANZAC day… and remember those damaged by war.

About labyrintharmidale

Based in Armidale, NSW, keen to connect with other labyrinth convenors and those interested in using labyrinths as tools for personal growth.
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