A poem about what the labyrinth may provide…

“Invitation to the Labyrinth” by Katharine Whitcomb

Let the heartsick, let the empty,
let the searching come. Let the hopeless,
let the blissful, let the forsaken come.

When the days unspool on dark reel after
another, come. When sorrow haunts
the corners of the house, when the hours stack
like dirty plates, when solitude
becomes loneliness, come to the labyrinth.

Do not wait, in joy or in misery for God
to descend. Do not wait to be found.
Bring the heavy freight of your life here
And set it down. Lay aside your regret.
Step to the gate, beloved, place your feet
on the path.

In the kaleidoscope,
inside the mandala, on the trails that lead
to the heart of the Rose, all are welcome.
Brother, sister, grandmother, friend,
all ages, all faiths and all people can
walk the path together, all can
allow the noise of the world to recede.
There is no right way or wrong.
Walk in prayer, walk in silence, dance
skip or sing. Walk inside yourself.

Come into the Mystery, come to the Holy
Spirit, the greening power of God
where the soul blossoms and dreams
burst into full flower. Let the fearful,
let the angry, let the abandoned come.
Let the fulfilled, let the faithless,
let the merciful come. When good fortune
tastes of bitterness, when self-hatred erupts,
when there is no comfort, come
to the labyrinth. Come to remember yourself.

Come and move toward the Light.
Come in pain, in confusion,
come in reverence and celebration.

Be welcomed and be healed.


About labyrintharmidale

Based in Armidale, NSW, keen to connect with other labyrinth convenors and those interested in using labyrinths as tools for personal growth.
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