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Imagine being able to walk in a peaceful outdoor setting, and take a mini-retreat from your busy life… the sound of birds in the trees, the feel of the wind caressing your cheeks, sun warming your body.
A labyrinth can be exactly this kind of space, and we are building one in Armidale, NSW, Australia. it will be in Civic Park, opposite the Ex-Service Club’s car park in Dangar Street. We are keeping a temporary image of the labyrinth painted on the grass while we raise funds and organise the construction process.

Some of us walk the labyrinth on the full moon, usually walking at dusk or in the afternoon. Any person or group in Armidale is welcome to join us, or to use the labyrinth whenever they feel they would like to.

We also have a couple of canvas labyrinths that we sometimes use in the Armidale Mall, most often at New Year or on the solstices. We walk at 1 pm each first Saturday in May, which is World Labyrinth Day.

Contact us using the form below if you would like someone to get back to you with more information, or just turn up around dusk at one of those occasions.

labyrintharimdale[at]gmail.com (put the @ sign in where the [at] is).


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