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About labyrintharmidale

Based in Armidale, NSW, keen to connect with other labyrinth convenors and those interested in using labyrinths as tools for personal growth.

Centennial Park labyrinth opening – Monday 15 September

This was truly awesome to attend – religious leaders from many different faiths led us into the labyrinth, and the weather was wonderful!   

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Pozible campaign – link

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Save the date – Sunday 21 September 2014 – 3-5 pm Civic Park – launch of funding campaign

Feel free to bring family, friends, work colleagues – everyone will get the chance to experience a community labyrinth walk at the location of the permanent labyrinth. We will be fund-raising from 21 September to All Saints Day on 1 … Continue reading

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Labyrinths getting political…

  The shoes of refugee children whose parents tried to migrate to America – is there a message for Australia here somewhere too? Like here for more info.  

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Slight shift in location – just across the park

  The new site is the one on the left. It’s quieter, sunnier, has a view of lovely little white bridge, and a more open feeling. More “wind under its wings”. I think this is the place!

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A poem about what the labyrinth may provide…

“Invitation to the Labyrinth” by Katharine Whitcomb Let the heartsick, let the empty, let the searching come. Let the hopeless, let the blissful, let the forsaken come. When the days unspool on dark reel after another, come. When sorrow haunts … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice 2014 at Civic Park

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Winter Solstice labyrinth walk Saturday 21 June

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One step closer to a permanent labyrinth in Armidale…

Armidale Dumaresq Council has approved our application for a Small Community Grant of $1,000. This will go towards bricks, most likely, although the next step before we can begin construction is to find out whether or not the soil is … Continue reading

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May full moon – trialling central rose design

May full moon, Civic Park – trialling central rose design – I did it by eye – quite like the pointy petals, rather than the rounded ones, but the rounded ones are better for praying in…

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