Poems on the Way

I am lit from within –
The Spark caught the ready tinder
of my dry, patient heart
and tendril after tendril of fiercely pungent smoke
wound its way out, sucking sweet air in
slowly at first then rushing gushes of it,
feeding the flickering flame
that now roars brightly, dancing wildly
casting shadows of all that will not be consumed.
I feed the hungry flames with care,
not to smother in a hurry of passion,
not to starve and mete out meagrely,
but to sustain a long, warm, burn,
a life-giving, bone-warming heat that
nurtures and cherishes all those who come
to chase the chill away.
Winter is melting, spring burgeons forth
And the stew of the Spirit is reaching perfection.
EJB 9 September 2014

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